Counselling in Brighton

Humanistic, Integrative and Pluralistic Counselling and Therapy in Brighton

What is Counselling and Therapy?

Counselling and therapy allow two people (a client and a counsellor/therapist) to have a relationship that enables the client to explore his/her thoughts, feelings and life in a non-judgmental atmosphere. It can also supportively challenge assumptions and aims for understanding, acceptance and clarity.

What Is Humanistic, Integrative and Pluralistic Counselling?

The basis of my work is in humanistic counselling that looks towards the creativity, love and tendency towards growth that is in everyone. It emphasises what is 'right' about us rather than just what is 'wrong'.

The belief that we all need to feel a sense of fulfillment and a continuous growing allows for a form of counselling that can go beyond 'getting over the past' or merely 'coping'. We are always in a 'process' of becoming so a counsellor working humanistically does not look to 'diagnose' a person as a static entity but rather to work with the processes helping or hindering a person being or becoming him/herself.

However, I also work integratively, meaning that I use different approaches depending on what works for the client and how the client wants to work. I am aware of psychodynamic theory which can be very useful for understanding childhood and adolescent issues and have also trained in CBT which offers more pragmatic therapeutic techniques to help clients overcome particular problems.

In more recent years the term 'pluralistic' is being used to describe a type of therapy which is flexible and tailored to the needs of individual clients.

In What Areas Can Counselling/Therapy Be Of Help?

Counselling and therapy can help with anxiety, grief, depression, relationships, confusion, anger, crises, stress and personal development.

The counselling and therapeutic relationship provides the space in which to explore problems, self-doubt or other issues.

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