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"Jay instantly made me feel at ease - not in a vocally reassuring or cliche way but in a way I can't put into words. I understand who I am so much more now - and not only that but how I can be who I want to be for the future...I am a much happier person. It's given me freedom...Counselling with Jay has been the best decision I have ever made. I am more confident, less angry and above all happy...I have achieved more than I thought possible." Ms FG

"Jay gave me a space to talk about difficult things, some of which I had never spoken of before, and always made me feel safe in doing so. I felt heard and supported, and valued his skill in gently challenging when necessary which helped me to question my own assumptions and think about things in a different way...Jay's professionalism, flexibility and considerable experience made it possible for me to explore areas of my past which I had not delved into in detail before, and this helped me to get a new perspective on my life and move forward with more of an awareness of the impact my experiences had on my development as an adult...I was impressed my Jay's knowledge of counselling theory and concepts and his experience of a wide range of therapy techniques. I found it reassuring that he always explained what he was doing, and why, in a way that didn't feel patronising. The therapy was friendly and I really appreciated the fact that Jay and I were able to discuss [the] impact of our sessions and the therapeutic relationship on him as well as me; I felt like an equal rather than a client, and in safe hands." Ms HI

"Helped me put things in perspective and give me clearer understanding of why I react to certain things in my life . . . gave me confidence to deal with issues I was previously afraid of." Mr AB

"Made me realise my real thoughts about things . . . very helpful." Ms DC

"It really unlocked/unblocked some things for me." Mr DE

"It helped me understand myself in greater depth. It helped me see things I was not aware of previously. It also helped me accept parts of myself I did not even acknowledge...I felt supported, listened to, not judged." Ms BC

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